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What are Couple Friendly Love Hotels? Meaning, Explained!

On Google search, as Wikipedia keeps it-A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found around the world operated primarily for the purpose of allowing guests for sexual activities. LuvStays is private destination for couples and secret lovers who wish to keep things discrete.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Couple Friendly Hotels.

Complete guide to search, book and stay nearby at unmarried couple friendly hotels in your city. Quick Tips to book couples hotels with local ID allowed. Latest articles on Myths, Fear, policies and legal framework in India. Uncertainity around couple friendly short stay hotels cleared.

Couple friendly Hotel start up Chains in India-,, StayUncle, Mistay, Bag2Bag and Brevistay

What are the Hotel Policies rules and law about couples-Can I book with Local ID?

Some hotels clearly mention that they do not allow unmarried couples in their property. Even though it can be challenged but are we here to win arguments? We just want to spend quality time with our loved one. So it is advisable to avoid booking these hotels while looking for unmarried couple stays in your city.

There is no law that allows hotel authorities to prohibit local couples above 21 years from spending time with each other in a hotel room. Hoteliers used to deny local couples as they wanted to give preference to guests who traveled from different city.

There were specific hotels those did not allow check-in with local id proof but most of them are accepting the couples with local ID now. Before booking a hotel, you may check on website if you can book hotel with local ID proof or not. Most of the hotels allow check-in with a valid ID proof.

No law denies unmarried couples from booking and staying in a hotel. However, it solely depends on the hotel authority to allow the check-ins in such hotels. Choosing to stay together is a personal choice, which can’t be restricted.

Couple friendly Hotel start up Chains in India- StayUncle, Mistay, Bag2Bag and Brevistay

Emergence of Hourly Stay-How hoteliers can benefit?- Old school of Thought v/s New Opportunistic Attitude

In recent years there is a flourish of websites offering booking by hourly slots. It is easier to find clean and safe couple friendly hotels in India. Your can search and book your short stays in your near by city. Easily compare hourly slot booking sites like,, Bag2Bag, StayUncle, Mistay, Frotels, Brevistay.

Now you can book hotels with out the worry of moral policing and unfavorable looks at hotel reception. Most hotels allow free cancellations and provide cheaper rates for short stays with an option of 'Pay at Hotel'.

Are you still stuck with old school of thought? Outside travelers usually occupy the room for more days while local couples usually book a room for less than 3 hours and that too at a very low rates. However, due to the growing number of startups in the hotel industry, local couples can easily book a hotel room.

Best Couple Hotel booking websites in India

How can unmarried couples book hotels in India?- A step by step guide and Do's and Don'ts

Finding a Couple Friendly Hotel in your city can be a tedious task. Many hotels do not entertain unmarried couples. Be smart to avoid unpleasent experience while you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend

A step by step guide to search best hotels for couples in budget and there are few tips to go: 1. Read hotel policies before booking. Call up the hotel to confirm to avoid unpleasant experience. 2. Remember to carry government approved photo Id with address proof for both guests 3. It is advisable to have prior booking to avoid investigating eyes while bargaining with hotel staff. 4. Do not argue with receptionist about hotel policies and legal stuff. 5. Unmarried couples should always try to book their hotels online for 2 persons instead of single occupancy 6. Let other partner book it to avoid any future black mail if something does not go as planned in relationship.

Here is a final tip, unmarried couples or any couple shouldn’t indulge into activities that unnecessarily draw attention of people. Generally, hotel reception checks id proof and then allows the guests to check-in without making any fuss about if they are unmarried or married.

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