Concept of Hostels, Dorms, Paying Guest, Backpackers


Concept of Hostels, Dorms, Paying Guest, Backpackers

There are different types of hostels and many names assigned to the hostel accommodations.Some hoteliers call Youth Hostels or Backpacker Hostels. Based on who occupies them they are some time called College Hostels, Student Hostels, Working Men hostels , Boys Hostels, Girls Hostels, Working Women Hostels. The names are based on the associations also.

Backpacker or Youth Hostels

Backpacker Hostels as Global village:Generation Y travels with a focus to explore the area and discover local cuisine. Hostels in India provides ample opportunities to backpackers interact with youth from different parts of the world. They get to learn and respect cultures and ethnicity.

Hostels By Occupants

1. Working Professional Hostels or Paying Guest 2. College Hostels or PG 3. Working Men Hostels 4. Working Women Hostels 5. Student Hostels 6. Boy's Hostels 6. Girls Hostels. Paying Gests is a term used when the host provides accommodation & meals on a charge for the services.

Based on Associations

1. International Youth Hostel Association (IYHA) 2.Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI)3.Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) 4.Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) 5.Bikers Hostels Association 6. Trekkers Hostel Association 7. Chennai Hostel Association

Labour Camps or Military Dormitory

Labour Camps to accommodate the large numbers of working class in a factory or on a project. Military Camps/ Dorms based on the temporary or permanent relocation as required by the armed forces professionals. In 2020 armies of China and India had to construct temporary logistic camps and military Dorms on LAC.

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