What hidden charges are making your stay costlier when you choose to book online?


What hidden charges are making your stay costlier when you choose to book online?

While discussion is on to finalise the plans for next vacation. We start our google search to learn more about the destinations in discussion. After we zero down on our city, the search for best hotel offers and deals begins. Conveniently we pick up our mobile phones, check the hotel ratings, photos and complete the booking process. We always believe that we got best rates for our hotel or resort we booked. 

We do not realise even for a second that we paid much more than the cost of actual room. What? Yes, we paid hidden charges. Must be a joke!  Okay let's check point by point  
Q1. What are these room charges?
A. We paid for the hotel room- which is okay. 

Q2. What are these charges of convenience Fees on booking? 
A. This is fees you paid to travel website to book instantly. Oh! OKAAYY.

Q3. What are these extra amount of taxes? Government only charges 12% GST on the room rate from 1000-7499 INR. 
A. This extra tax amount of 18% is on your convenience fees

Wait before you sink in your thoughts on these charges. The hoteliers pay upto 35% commission to travel website on bookings. 

Q4. So does that mean, indirectly we bear that part?
A. Oh hell yes. 

Next time you book online keep in mind these commission taxes and fees is borne by you- The Customers. 

Oh you don't feel like a king any more? Book directly with the hotel. It might take little bit more to find out the direct website or book at thebudgetstay.com to get best rates directly from hoteliers without including any third party commission. 

Last free of cost advise, compare  with or without breakfast rates. check at hotel for breakfast rates.  Check in and check out time. Sometimes it is worth to pay for a room than extra bed charges for two people. Check location of the hotel from your transit station or work place.

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