Why channel manager is required?


Why channel manager is required?

Channel manager is required to keep your ota inventory and rates active, on all OTA. Now a days there are lot of  hotel booking websites are active in market to keep rate and inventory on all OTA by logging into an extranet is very hectic and time consuming work.

Keep All OTA Active :

There are some hotel booking websites in India which might give booking one or twice in a month or quarterly  keeping OTA active is very important, but in practical scenario hotel management team neglect to login into extranet and update rates and inventory. So keep such low booking provide is only possible due to channel manager , irrespective of booking it will update rates and inventory on all OTA.

Improve Room Visibility:

In hotel we will receive booking from different online travel agent like booking.com , expedia.com and so on . If we active our hotel on more online travel agent then we will receive more booking from it.


After activating hotel on Online Travel website we need to keep inventory, rates and confirm booking is challenging work and real time it not possible to do using extranet login of all OTA . So if we connect with channel manager then using channel manager we can manage inventory and rates on all apartments booking sites in India in real time and active hotel on all Online hotel website , which will improve room visibility and get more booking.

Increase Booking:

We are living in digital world and as we list our hotel on different ota and keep inventory and rates active, it will show your  activity on Online hostel booking website which will helps to increase your OTA ranking and if our ranking increase we will get booking.

Avoid underbooking  and Over Booking:

As we know hotel has limited number of room and many booking source like Online Travel Agent (Booking.com, Expedia, TheBudgetStay.com Goibibo..) , Walk in guest, Travel Agent guest, Owner Guest, Corporate guest, Function, events and so on, in high demand might be there is chance of overbooking If we donot mange it in real time , and channel manager is only solution to manage it real time.

If we not manage inventory real time and we face overbooking, which might cause bad online review on hotel booking sites due to which our online reputation will reduce and cause low booking. Managing inventory on real time is most important thing in hotel industry.

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Why channel manager is required?

This blog explain channel manager importance and benefits of it.

1/31/2021 4:51:01 PM