Service apartments for long stay option- Who should choose to stay?


Service apartments for long stay option- Who should choose to stay?

Serviced apartments at low rates are taking over high-cost hotels in India. No matter leisure or business travel, stay consumes most of planned budget. Here is the list of 5 reasons you should opt to stay at serviced apartment.

1. Transferable Jobs

If your profession makes you travel extensively and you are looking for home-like ambiance then you will simply love staying at our property. We ensure not only to facilitate the homely ecosystem but also ensure the comfortable life for your spouse and kids and importantly you will never miss the taste of your own kitchen. Moreover, it is quick to find and easy to vacate. A well-furnished apartment with all state-of-art-facilities saves you from a lot of daunting activities like finding the right place, arranging the right furniture, transporting expensive furniture, overhead expenses, depreciation on and on! Book apartments in BKC

2. Metropolitan Relocation

If you are stationed in the city like Mumbai for professional reason and live without family then what matter most is to have peace of mind. Living alone brings a lot of self-maintenance liabilities. We at corporate service apartments ease out your struggle by providing one tailor-fitted apartment near to your workplace. The biggest benefit is you can invite your family members anytime you want as we are looking forward to welcoming them anytime. Book Apartments in Bandra West

3.Working Couple

If you are a working couple running a nuclear family and wish to bear no house maintenance responsibility then a serviced apartment will be the best choice for you. In a city like Mumbai, owning a home is a big dream, and decorating it sometimes is out of imagination for many. Let us make this hassle-free for you. In the amount equivalent to rent get a corporate apartment and start enjoying the stay there and we will ensure all your maintenance service is just a phone call away. Book Long Stay Apartments

4.Safety and hygiene

In the era of COVID-19, many of us follow routine sanitizing activities and prefer to take the immunity booster food of your choice. While your stay at our property we ensure to get it all done as per your standing instruction. The in-house maintenance staff will follow through the pattern guided by you under your own surveillance just like your home. Find Premium Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

5. Family vacation

Vacations: Feel like staying at home and enjoying services like a guest. Yes, this means you are a guest in the home of a corporate service apartment. Name the thing and service apartments not only provide you home-like environment but also enable you to travel more in same budget by saving extra pennies. Cheap Apartments in your Budget

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