Suggestions to overcome challenges in covid-19 lockdown period


Suggestions to overcome challenges in covid-19 lockdown period

How to increase Hotel Business  in Covid Period scenario?

Business stories of of low occupancy and slump in hospitality industry are common. Business news channels are sharing the data for business lost to Covid-19 lockdown. Travel might not pick up soon as fresh threat of second or third waves are looming large on hospitality business. 

Support to the tourism sector is not in government budget plan. The association recommendations did not get fair response from government in budget. What can we do now? 

Creative Ideas to improve sales during Covid

Wondering why I have used  cheerful photos while discussing a dampen scenario?  The time is to Stay Calm and use these recommendations to improve occupancy and sales at hotels. The thoughtful breakdown and solutions to the post Covid -19 challenges in hotel business. The key to is staying in positive frame of mind. Diversify your hotel distribution channels and look for non-traditional ways to improve  budget hotel business. Enough of Gyan from Guru, let's get down to points we can utilise to improve hotel occupancy. 

Following points can help lower your hotel expenses: 

Talk to your property owner:  Most of the budget hotels in Mumbai and other cities are on lease. The operator should talk to the property owner and re-negotiate the rental terms and conditions. If  possible come up with revenue sharing model. 

Lower your operating expenses: Look up to your competitors: Desperate times require desperate measures. Talk to competitor in your area and open your hotel businesses alternately on quarterly basis. This way both of you may not have to bear the cost of staff and utilities and the business generated should take care of the operating expenses

How to grow sale in this low season?

There are few offices looking for apartments or long term accommodation for their workers. Earlier they were accommodating them in a dormitory or hostels. Due to Covid they need to be accommodated privately. 

How to increase occupancy and revenue from  room bookings?

Essential services like hospitals and government agencies are acquiring hotels for their staff. You can provide the hotel in their budget so that you could get the minimum amount to cover your rent or lease amount.

What is so wrong in accommodating unmarried couples at your hotel?

You should not be hesitant in providing rooms to young unmarried adult boy and a girl couple. The bookings for hourly hotels is on rise. You should use this opportunity to increase occupancy. Now is not the time to look at hotel rates. You should accept all  guest bookings at cheaper rate than the actual room rate.

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