How to say welcome in different languages ?


How to say welcome in different languages ?

Different languages and the ways to say Welcome- One of your first word to the world

When it comes to learning a new language, Hello and  ‘Welcome’ are one of the first words learned. My interaction with many nationalities during my travels made me curious to learn new languages, it is fun.  I learnt few and others picked up from internet.  

Saying Welcome in Asian and Middle Eastern Languages

Middle Eastern and Asian languages do not use the Roman alphabet. Instead, they might use Asian or Middle Eastern characters for their alphabets. For example, Hindi uses devanagari. Korean, on the other hand, uses the syllabic script hangul. Therefore, when discussing how to pronounce 'welcome' in these countries, we’ll use their pronunciation. Explore the different ways welcome is pronounced throughout the Asian continent.

Arabic  أهلا بك (ahlaan bik)

Armenian  ողջույն (bari galust)

Burmese ကြိုဆို (kyaosopartaal)

Chinese (mandarin) 欢迎 (huanying)

Georgian  მისასალმებელი (mogesalmebit)

Hebrew ברוך הבא (ba-ruch ha-ba)

Hindi स्वागत हे (svaagat he)

Japanese ようこそ (yokoso)

Kannada ಸ್ವಾಗತಾರ್ಹ (svagata)

Korean 환영 (eoseo osibsio)

Mongolian тавтай морилно уу (tavtai morilno uu)

Nepali स्वागत (svagatam)

Persian خوش آمدی (khosh amadid)

Sinhala පිළිගැනීමේ (sadarayen piliganimu)

Tamil வரவேற்பு (varaverpu)

Turkish hosgeldiniz

Urdu خوش آمدید (kher mqadam)

Uzbek xush kelibsiz

Vietnamese chào mừng

Search different ways 'welcome' is said throughout the European continent.

Albanian i mirëpritur

Bosnian dobrodošli

Croatian dobrodošli

Czech vitejte

Dutch welkom

Estonian tere tulemast

Finnish tervetuloa

French bienvenue/bienvenu

German herzlich willkommen 

Greek καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ (kalos irthate)

Hungarian üdvözöljük

Icelandic velkominn

Irish fáilte

Italian benvenuta/ benvenuto

Macedonian добредојден (dobredojde)

Maltese merhba

Norwegian velkommen

Polish witamy

Portuguese bem-vinda

Romanian bine ati venit

Russian добро пожаловать (dobro pozhalovat)

Spanish bienvenidas/bienvenidos

Swedish välkommen

Welsh croeso

Yiddish באַגריסן (hela)

Have fun learning the word in these languages and use it to break ice while welcoming the travelers from these countries. It may be making a  new employee comfortable or impressing a foreign guest to your  hotel or house.  The words shall come handy.

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