My introduction to Mumbai

My initial interaction with Mumbai had not been very positive. When I traveled to Mumbai in 2002 the bomb blast at Mulund went off. On second visit my flight to Kenya  got delayed by 24 hours. Third time on my return I was quarantined for 6 days for when we were expecting our child back at home.

Mumbai Calling !! Again?

When I was handed over the joining letter and was told my place of work would be Mumbai. First thought was, what's in the kitty this time around. The nervousness and fear was clearly visible on my face. This all, after I had traveled and stayed in Middle East, Europe and Africa. The walk with lion in Masai-Mara game reserve was less terrifying than the sheer thought of working in Mumbai. 

Finally I arrived and  found a place to settle down with my wife and daughter. While I was busy with my office duties, they explored the city. I was cautiously negotiating the streets while they were fearlessly roaming like free birds. Every day in the evening they would share their experiences. Now that it has been more than 4 years I can say, Mumbai is different. 

Mumbaikars and the Spirit of Mumbai

The youth shall work at the office and would start a stall in the evening selling vegetables or eatables. The entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. No wonder I left my job and started my own venture. I noticed the beggars strategically moved their place on railway station in morning and evening. Their collection might be more than many junior - mid level employees  salary.  The pav bhaji guy or a hawker earns equal if not more.

Happy to help attitude- Makes you feel safe 

Ask once and you will get the best tips that would help you efficiently complete the work. The auto wala will not try to rip you off if the location is nearby, he will guide you. My wife and my 5 years old daughter are comfortable and enjoying the freedom. Safety-A rare virtue in India when it comes to women safety.

Great Event Organisational skills fits the City of Festival

Ganesh Festival, Durga Puja, Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, Dahi Haandi, Shivaji Jayanti, Gudi Padva ( Marathi New Year). You name it and there will be a celebration and yes they enjoy each day as festival.

Train timings are more important part of the life

8-5 work culture and the rush to get back home, it is no wonder that the train timing plays big role in their life.

His  on time arrival at the station might pleasantly surprise you

City of Contrast

There is a lot that Mumbai has to offer from 5 stars to cheapest BnB. There are many shrines like Haji Ali, Mahim Dargah, Mumba Devi Temple, St. Mary Church. Financial offices suit its tag as Financial Capital. It's heritage and unique history enthralls every one.

Contrast of corporate offices like BKC and Dharavi almost adjacent to each other. Dhobi Talav in Ban Ganga and the Walkeshwar Posh Area in South Mumbai. Iconic Bandra Worli Sea link and Worli slum can be seen romancing each other. 

 These are my personal views based on my experience and interaction with people in Mumbai.These points need not necessarily be applied to create overall image of the city.

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